Next Gen
Cell Engineering

Intracellular Delivery is Critical to Many Research and Clinical Applications

Gene Editing

Deletion, Correction, Integration

Gene Expression Modulation

Up/down-regulation, exogenus expression

Pathway Modulation

Interactions, activate pathways, alter cell fate

Probing Intracellular Environment

Intracellular measurements, remote control, labelling, novel inhibitors

Cell Therapies

Immunotherapies, gene correction, cell-based vaccines


Protein, viral vectors, antibodies

Regenerative Med

Engineered tissues, disease modeling, drug screening in patient cells

Drug Screening

Disease diagnosis, in vitro screening, intracellular biomarker detection

Portal Powers Workflows at Every Scale

R&D Scale

Proprietary Instruments and Consumables

High Throughput Integrations

Modifying existing high throughput workflows to be “Powered by Portal”

Clinical Scale Integrations

“Powered by Portal” consumables compatible with common manufacturing equipment

Point-of-Care System Integrations

Enables same-day production of autologous, therapeutic cells at the patient point-of-care/bedside

Portal’s Global Partners

Portal's beta program has over 20 partners from around the world, including biotech, big pharma, academics, and cell therapy manufacturers.

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