About Our Team

Portal's mission is to develop a universal cell engineering platform. We believe our technology has both transformative potential for research applications and could democratize cell therapies by broadening their biological potential and improving their accessibility. Our leadership team has more than 30 years of experience in private and public company settings focused on clinical cell therapy development and instrumentation. Portal’s deep knowledge of immunology, cell biology and delivery principles is applied across our products for various cell types and applications. Our scientific collaborations team has extensive experience in supporting successful partnerships and delivers the expertise to partner on novel research and strategic projects.


Armon Sharei, Ph.D.

Founder and CEO

Alec Barclay

Chief Operating Officer

Andressa Carroll

Director, People & Culture

Jacquelyn Hanson, Ph.D.

Director of Applications

Sophia Hirsch, Ph.D.

Senior Scientist
Catherine Hogan

Catherine Hogan

VP, Operations

Elizabeth Kennedy

Head of Corporate Development

Darby Kreienberg

Senior Research Associate
Andrew Larocque

Andrew Larocque


Mathias Pawlak

VP, Head of Platform Research

Monique Richards

Sales & BD Manager
Eleni Rogers

Eleni Rogers


Zhihui Song, Ph.D.

Senior Scientist
Crystal Tsui

Crystal Tsui

Scientific Partner
Megan Woolaver, Senior Operations Program Manager

Megan Woolaver

Senior Operations Program Manager

Rachel Conover