Portal Enables Robust Cell Engineering and Cell Analytics Across Applications

Universal Delivery System for Cell Engineering

Simple, high throughput  mechanical delivery technology. Used standalone or integrated into existing equipment

Transient Cell Modification Library

RNA-based cell enhancements complementing genetic approaches (e.g. cytokines, transcription factors, survival factors, and beyond)

Intracellular Delivery is Critical to Many Research and Clinical Applications

Portal is Developing a Universal Cell Engineering Solution

Portal’s proprietary membrane technology uses mechanical disruption and enables massive parallelization

Portal excels where others struggle, enabling cytosolic access for diverse cell types and cargoes

Status Quo
With Portal

Portal’s delivery mechanism preserves cell function

Cells exposed to electroporation misregulate gene expression

Cells exposed to mechanoporation are more similar to controls

Portal mechanoporation yields robust multiplex delivery in Unstimulated T Cells

Want to see data on another cell type? Just ask!

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Research and Discovery

Our R&D scale limited beta is available for early adopters.

Strategic Partners

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